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One of our leading focus areas here domestically is not only ensuring underprivileged youth have access to education but to have access to an education that will provide the most conducive learning environment for their success.


We believe the arts is essential to building a population of young people who have the creative capacity to build and create new ways of thinking. Allowing them this innovative outlet is what inspires us to expose them to all facets of the creative arts both locally and nationally.


Our third focus lies within the realm of social empowerment which is giving individuals the tools necessary to affect change in their own communities. We feel this can be done through entrepreneurship and teaching people everything necessary to run their own businesses and control their own destinies. Everyone may not be meant to be an entrepreneur but the tools that you can learn can be used in whatever sector of the economy they choose to be in.

Our approach is to play a catalytic role—to support the awareness and importance of educational institutions with historically black colleges and universities that are unlikely to be generated solely by these institutions working alone and that can inspire acceptance on a broader scale.


We also want to work to address issues of social inequity and poverty through our entrepreneurial partnerships, especially in the Kansas City metropolitan area where the AGH Foundation and the founder of Anthony Global Holdings has a tremendous amount of history. 


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